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The complex of rented apartments  ΕGIALION HOUSE is located at the area of Fanari Agion Theodoron and it is only 1,5 km away from the central square of Argostoli. It is a great choice as it combines the accommodation next to the sea and the quiet of the coastal area with the short distance from the center of the town where you can have fun, go shopping and walk around the beautiful capital of Kefalonia.

Fanari Agion Theodoron is the lighthouse of Argostoli. It has taken its name from the homonymous church that is located at the area. The lighthouse stands out for its special architecture and it’s one of the most popular sights of the island. It is about a circular building of Doric style with 20 columns and it’s housed by a small tower. It was built from the English commander of Kefalonia, Karolos Napier on 1828.  The earthquakes of 1953 totally destroyed the original building. Α few years later the Fanari Agion Theodoron was built again according to the original plans.

In a short distance from our residence there are the famous Katavothres. It is a very interesting geological phenomenon which was inexplicable for centuries. Ιt is about underground tunnels, through which the sea waters enter. These tunnels are located at the entrance of the natural port of Argostoli, pass under the sea floor, cross the underground mountains of Kefalonia and end up in the village of Karavomylos, near Sami on the eastern side of the island.

During your accommodation in Kefalonia, it’s worth visiting Argostoli. The beautiful capital of the island that combines the traditional identity of Ionian Islands with the modern infrastructures. The town is built amphitheatrically with a view of the lagoon of Koutavos. It’s the biggest city of the island. Here it is located the biggest port of Kefalonia as well. One walk is not enough to know Argostoli as the town has many places that worth your attention. Among others, visit the archaeological and the folklore museum of the town. Explore the beautiful capital!

Lixouri is the second biggest city of the Kefalonia. It is located at an area with special beauty. Locals call it Piccolo Paris and it belongs to the most popular tourist destinations of Greece. Characteristic of the area is its diverse terrain. The lush hills alternate with the beautiful beaches and create landscapes of unique aesthetics that enchant every naturalist. Also, the traditional houses, the beautiful squares and the important historical monuments will remain unforgettable.

Visit the Monastery of St. Gerasimos and see the place that the patron saint of the island lived. The monastery is located east of Argostoli, in the area of Omalon, near the valley of 40 Pigadia. It is built in a beautiful location and it is surrounded by vineyards . There is also preserved the relic of the saint, which is exhibited for pilgrimage to the faithful on August 16 and October 20, when the locals celebrate their protector.